At Nirove we understand that every business has the potential to affect the environment negatively as well as positively.

Because of this understanding, we at Nirove endeavor to always ensure we work to minimize any potential negative effect that our business might have on the environment. This is done by managing our environmental aspects and the impact of all activities of our business. Furthermore, we aim to always comply with all the legal requirements at both local as well as National levels.

We also understand that through continuous improvements within our business we can have a positive effect on our environment.

Environmental Policy of Nirove South Africa

  1. Nirove Specializes in the stripping and paint removal services for the automotive and allied industries.
  2. Nirove’s environmental management system has been structured to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 of 2015.
  3. Nirove will strive to meet all relevant legal and other requirements to which it subscribe.
  4. Nirove will manage its aspects and associated impacts in a responsible manner to minimize the effect that its operations have on the environment.
  5. Nirove will through its effort ensure a process for continual improvements.

Environmental certifications and Licenses.

  1. Iso 14001 of 2015
  2. Atmospheric emissions license.
  3. Waste water license.