Plastic and Rubber Paint Stripping

At Nirove we don’t only remove unwanted paint from Metal parts, but we also specialize in the removal of paint from plastic and rubber parts.

Removing paint from plastic and rubber components can have significant cost saving to customers as these parts are normally disposed of after a single use.

Paint striping and cleaning of these parts are much cheaper than the replacement cost of these parts.

These parts are can normally be recycled as much as 10 times prior to disposing of them.

As the paint stripping of Plastic and Rubber parts requires very special chemical formulations, we believe that at Nirove, we are the only specialist in South Africa who can offer this solution to our customers.

Due to the nature of these processes, and the many different types of polymers available on the market; it is always advised that sample be done initially  in order to ensure the correct formulation is used.

Below are some of the examples of products we clean within the automotive industry.