Pickling and rust removal


Pickling of metals are required many times in order to remove any surface impurities such as inorganic materials, rust or scale.

Most production processes like press shops will have to ensure their raw material have been adequately pickled prior to putting the metal into the presses.

If not these unpickled metal can damage production tools as well as giving problems within the production processes.

All product being pickled will have to undergo passivation as to unsure these products don’t incur corrosion prior to being processed.


Common passivation can take any form from applying a de-watering oil to the surface of the metal by dipping into these chemicals to using alternative chemicals as per customer requirements.

Care must however be taken in selecting and using passivation treatments.

Passivation does not result in any change to the surface of the product.

At Nirove we mainly use Hydrochloric acid for pickling and passivation dependent on customer requirements.