After Treatment

After treatment of metal parts is very important as these products will normally have to be further processed at customers premises.

Some products will have to be repainted, plated or used just as is.

In order to achieve this, we will always have to decide upon the correct after treatment to allow for ease of customer further processing. This must always be done in the most cost-effective manner as to ensure future relationships with our customers.

Examples of these are as followed.

Products from our Pyrolysis (Thermal Paint Stripping) process will have to undergo treatment to ensure all the residual ash is removed and product is prepared for reuse by the customer.

For most of the large auxiliary equipment from our customer the ash removal and cleaning by means of our fully automated fine shot blaster is enough.

Some products require additional chemical after treatment as to ensure the product is prevented from corrosion until the customer can reuse these. These can be done by High pressure cleaning to remove the ash residue from the Pyrolysis process and then treated by any form of passivation according to the customer requirements.

Products from the Chemical paint stripping process will never go to the soft shot blasting process but will always go though the chemical after treatment process.

Trials must always be conducted as to ensure these product work well in the customer processes.