Chemical Processes

In order to remove paint from Industrial equipment, on an industrial scale, we also employ chemical methods to remove paint. Chemical paint stripping can be done with both acidic chemicals or alkaline chemicals. Both methods have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. At Nirove we have the installation as well as years of experience to employ both methods.

We at Nirove have a South African registered patent to remove paint chemically from wheels, as this is one of our key specialities.

Nirove Air scrubber

Nirove Air scrubber

Nirove Waste water treatment facility

Nirove Waste water treatment facility

Wheels requiring paint stripping are placed in chemical tanks at pre-determined temperatures so to ensure the chemicals do their work in removing the paint from the product being paint stripped.

In order to remove paint chemically you need to employ a method that removes the fumes that are generated in order to ensure your employees health is kept at highest levels possible. In order to ensure this as part of our Patent we employ Air scrubbing methods.

Once the chemical process is done with removing the paint from the product, the chemical must now be removed from the product. we use high pressure water to clean the parts and remove all chemical residue.

Most parts will now get a after treatment as to prevent corrosion in accordance to the customers specification.

Washing chemical paint stripped parts with high pressure water requires a method of cleaning the water in order to ensure it is returned into the water system in the condition it was received.

For this as part of our Paint stripping patent we utilize our own internal waste water effluent system.

Our patented method of cleaning wheels chemically consists of a system of the paint stripping line, Air scrubber as well as waste water management system.

Advantages of Chemical Paint stripping

  1. Initial capital layout is relatively low when compared with Thermal Paint stripping
  2. Chemical Paint stripping can be quicker than Thermal Paint stripping should you have the correct sized chemical tanks
  3. Chemical Paint stripping can give a superior surface finish when compared with Thermal Paint stripping

Dis advantages of Chemical Paint stripping

  1. Chemical Paint stripping utilizes hazardous chemicals which needs to be managed in the correct manor.
  2. Chemical Paint stripping can be more dangerous to the health and safety of the employees as small splashes of chemicals can cause chemical burns
  3. Chemical Paint stripping requires additional auxiliary equipment in order to remove fumes and clean waste water
  4. Chemical paint stripping requires expensive chemical disposal once the chemical has stopped stripping the paint
  5. Chemicals need to be monitored and managed properly in order to prevent unwanted spillages which can affect the environment. This will be a permanent part of life when you specialise in Chemical Paint stripping.
  6. Chemical paint stripping is expensive to maintain.

Chemical Paint stripping will always have a place within the industrial paint stripping industry, but we should continuously strive to move towards friendlier processes.